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Technique 1 of 7

Blank canvas for The Metastasis of Frank Russell

Technique 2 of 7

I am developing a specific style based upon utilizing mostly one almost straight line in a zig-zag manner, intersecting a circle at consecutive points on an arc. In doing so the line seems to flip and roll as it creates the curves and bends. Sometimes an end becomes anchored and the line swings dramatically as the opposite end now takes over the lead. As the line continues, it delineates the positive from the negative space and the basic composition is revealed.

Technique 3 of 7

The image/figure is separated from the background as the final composition is defined.

Technique 4 of 7

I have started to identify some of the limited color pallet and made some decisions regarding the nature of the image and the appropriate level of detail in the exploding brain. Notice a change from #3 to smaller and more generic exploding matter.

Technique 5 of 7

Continuing with color choices and starting to identify light direction and shadows.

Technique 6 of 7

I have opted for a somewhat colorless pallor to the skin. More detail is being added to the recessed and wrinkled face. Colors are added to the background to accentuate the explosion.

Technique 7 of 7

Colors are finalized as highlights are added including light reflections in the eye. Additional flying matter enhances the dramatic energy of the final painting.

Fine Art

I am currently exploring the intense emotions connected with our shared human experiences.
I am identifying specific instances from my life and connecting viscerally to the emotions the elicited memories produce.
Each of these recollected events is a source of energy which I then transfer to the canvas utilizing specific brush techniques.
This initial process begins with a basic idea of what the painting will be about, some basic ideas regarding composition and an improvisational approach which is informed by the present memories and the related emotions.
The result is an intense and highly personal relationship between artist and canvas, canvas and viewer, and ultimately viewer and artist.

The Metastasis of Frank Russell

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