for small business owners,

aspiring entrepreneurs, 

and creatives too.

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Do you struggle with sharing your passion with others?


Is it difficult to find people who are interested in what you sell?


Do you want to feel more at ease when you are engaging with a prospect?


Do you find sales systems to be manipulative or disingenuous? 


If you are like me, you answered yes to several of these questions!


I had to figure out a simple and memorable way to cut through all of these issues so I could move my business forward!


I'll show you how to share your passions so your prospects will buy into your mission.


Get this Simple 4 Step Sales Training!


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10 Essential SUPERpowers

(Every Entrepreneur Needs

To WIN The Day!)

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Power Up your business, career or life by employing these Essential SUPERpowers to help you share your passions, make more sales and influence more people.


Available as an entertaining talk with a PowerPoint presentation, softcovered book, Kindle ebook, and a PDF.

Improv FUNshop/Improv SKILLS-shop

The Improv FUNshop
or Improv SKILLS-shop
is for your company, for academia or just for fun! Participants will learn and practice many interpersonal skills essential for business and personal success!