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Thanks for your interest.
I asked attendees to share some insights.
Read their comments below.
Jim Dutcher

Jim Dutcher Founder, GM/CEO, AgZeit, LLC & ValuAg, LLC "I wanted to level-up my teams with the means to improve communications and instill a culture of ideation. It was fun, fast-paced, and we achieved our goals as it helped us establish new norms for working together while improving our innovation and creative edge. I highly recommend Russ!"

Amy Shaw

Amy Shaw Chief Operating Officer, Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce "I was excited to check out Russ’s Improv SKILLS-shop. His group activities definitely got all of us to step outside our comfort zones and explore new ways to engage in conversation. It was different, fun and definitely worthwhile!"

Nicholas Zwierlein

Nicholas Zwierlein Business Development Executive, Employment Solutions, Elmira, New York "Russ is a wonderful instructor who teaches and encourages without being demeaning."

Eddie Thomason

Eddie Thomason Account Executive, Toshiba "I had the pleasure of listening to Russ The BIG Buy at BingBizCon 2019, and instantly connected with his message. His ability to hold the attention of the audience through humor and genuine, authentic story telling kept me engaged and amused. I'd recommend Russ 100x over, knowing he will bring passion and enthusiasm to any group he connects with."

Pat Roma

Patricia Roma Business Development Officer, Visions Federal Credit Union "Russ presents with a different twist for learning. It's a style that's uniquely his. I really enjoyed it!"

Niya Carrington

Niya Carrington Social Media for Equinox Broadcasting. Founder, Manifest Visions Studio, LLC "I can apply his teachings to my business and everyday life. They are life lessons..."

10 Essential SUPERpowers
" We think your
10 Essential SUPERpowers
seminar will be a great fit for the conference."
-Southern Tier Young Professionals Summit
10 Essentials at LinkedInLocalGreaterBin
Q: Describe the person most likely to find this information useful.
A: Small business groups, Students, New business owners. Someone wanting to be an entrepreneur.
A: An eager, hungry professional of any age.
A: Creative people wanting to start a business.
A: Anyone looking to achieve a goal!
A: Unemployed people.
A: Me. I always learn something when I see Russ.
A: Employees- to help them be more productive and feel fulfilled.
Q: Parts of the presentation that worked well?
A: Love the idea of using SUPERpowers! 
A: Content great, a fresh approach to the messages, easy to follow.
A: The images really stick with you.
A: Enthusiastic presenter, showed his passion and used real-life examples to help me think.
A: Russ is a personable and comfortable speaker, good energy, knowledgeable.

Q: One skill you will put into practice to improve your professional life?

A: The Laser Focus SUPERpower. I get distracted by life and big goals. The "baby step" breakdown can be the start of completing tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

A: You made me think about my "why!"

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Improv FUNshop/Improv SKILLS-shop

"I wanted to level-up my teams with the means to improve communications and instill a culture of ideation. We engaged Russ to do an improv skills workshop for my folks. It was great in that it engaged and encouraged folks to work both outside of the box and outside of their comfort zone. It was fun, fast-paced, and we achieved our goals as it helped us establish new norms for working together while improving our
innovation and creative edge. 
I highly recommend the Improv Skills-shop!"
- James M. Dutcher, GM/CEO, AgZeit, LLC & ValuAg, LLC

Binghamton improv workshop
Q: Did the workshop match your expectations?

A: Yes and more!

A: Yes. It helped me to see the positive in what others say and to add to their goals rather than criticize.

Q: What did you enjoy the most?

A: We put ourselves in different roles and scenarios.

A: The fun games made me feel closer to the team. We all worked together.

A: We were positive rather than negative.

A: It is a novel type of group activity and I loved seeing everyone interacting with each other.

A: Learning to be more creative with our thinking, speaking and relating to others.

A: I liked that it was interactive and used movement and creativity.

A: Interactions with coworkers. Felt accepted as we showed our own personalities.

Q: What will you put into practice to improve your work life?

A: Always being positive around coworkers and the public. Practice empathy.

A: Practicing agreement and building on others' ideas. I will try to be more accepting of other's ideas.

A: I will be more confident. It's ok to make mistakes.

A: A sense of humor!

A: Listening before talking.

A: Making eye contact with people when I speak to them.

A: Team building skills.

A: Going deeper when relating to others.

Additional comments from participants:

- Shed your inhibitions and explore in a safe environment!

- Russ is a patient teacher and is very knowledgeable.

- Big Russ rocks his improv sessions. Get ready to work outside of your comfort zone where you will learn and have fun!

Memorable 4 Step Sales Process

a man LEAD IMAGE.jpg
Q: What will you put into practice to improve your work life?
A: Incorporating my "WHY" into every interaction.
A: Visualizing the end result I want to achieve.
A: Listening more than speaking at client meetings.
A: The importance of attitude. Being relatable instead of being a "pushy" salesperson.
A: Using my creative imagination more as I relate to prospects.
A: Going to use A.B.A.R. because it's easy to remember.
A: Go where THEIR attention is!
Q: What did you enjoy about the workshop?
A: I was engaged throughout the whole workshop. It was humorous and relevant!
A: I thought sales training would be boring. This was more valuable and fun than I expected.
A: Russ' personality and excitement.
A: I expected just "another sales training" but Russ was actually entertaining, engaging and I was inspired to grow as a person.
A: Different ways to think about sales approaches.
A: I learned a step-by-step guide to help me make a sale. It touched on the emotions involved both with me and the prospect.
A: I liked hearing from an entrepreneur about how he has evolved and used these concepts.
A: I took lots of notes so I can share them with my team. 
A: I really appreciate the concise manner in which you presented, and it was fun too!
mastermind with russ the big guy.jpg
"Had a blast at the MasterMind training!"-arichards85
Q: What did you enjoy the most?
A: The personal interaction among participants created a positive connection among people who were originally strangers.
A: Perfectly presented. Exceeded my expectations.
A: It was packed full of information I can use right away to improve my business.
A: The energy and willingness of others to participate.
A: It was intimate and inclusive. I was happy to be part of the class.
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