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AgZeit Indoor Farming staff learns the importance of, and practices multiple soft-skills and more.

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Improv FUNshop/SKILLSshop

The wide range of skills taught in these Improv Workshops are directly applicable to entrepreneurism and to other professional endeavors!
The changing market as of 2019 favors skills and abilities over a specific degree or title.
According to both Forbes and LinkedIn, adaptability, collaboration, teamwork, persuasion, creativity, and decision making are at the very top of the list of
"in demand" skills, with CREATIVITY being number one.
With Russ' guidance, these skills and others will be learned and practiced by Improv Workshop participants.
As a lifelong entrepreneur and experienced improviser, Russ is uniquely suited to share the benefits of applying Improv techniques to enhance professional life.
Russ is hired by corporations and academia to provide Improv Workshops that provide a professional improvement opportunity for its members. Benefits include improved communication, teamwork, individual confidence plus the skills listed above which are so necessary for 2019 and beyond.
Russ is a founding member, performer, director and manager of The Puzzled Players Comedy Improv Theater. He was instrumental in building troup which performed countless shows and garnered international press.
Some of Russ' instructors include:
Gary Austin: founder and original director of THE GROUNDLINGS, Los Angeles' premier character-based improv company which produced many of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE'S actors and writers and other personalities including Will Ferrell, Lisa Kudrow, Harrison Ford and many many more.
Ali Farahnakian: Owner of the People's Improv Theater, Founding member of The Upright Citizen's  Brigade Theater, SNL writer and Second City performer.
Michael Gellman/Improv: Second City Chicago.
David Razowsky/Improv: Second City L.A.
Hilary Chaplain/Physical Comedy: Big Apple Circus.
Kenny Raskin/Physical Comedy: Broadway's "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST," Cirque du Soleil.
The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater (UBC Theater).

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