Improv FUNshop/SKILLSshop

The Improv FUNshop or Improv SKILLS-shop is for your company, for academia or just for fun! Participants will learn and practice many interpersonal skills essential for business and personal success!

Here is a short list of the many POWER skills and productive tools you will learn and practice:


Eye Contact-Recognizing
Recognize Emotions-Empathizing

Resulting in a better understanding of these:


Creativity & Innovation,  

Poise, Empathy, Trust, 

Understanding Self and Others, Teamwork, Likeability, Patience

Decisiveness, Confidence,
Agreeability, Problem Solving,
Maintaining a Sense of Humor,


10 Essential SUPERpowers (Every entrepreneur needs to WIN the day!)

Available as a LIVE PRESENTATION, KINDLE Digital Download, Softcover Book and PDF Download.
10 Essential SUPERpowers
(Every entrepreneur needs to WIN the day!)
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Get the digital download of the
10 Essential SUPERpowers
which has much useful information, while remaining a concise and easy to read publication. It's designed WITH WORKBOOK STYLE PAGES after each SUPERpower to help you process and internalize each! Your challenge is to put them into action and to produce immediate results.
The 10 Essential SUPERpowers is also available below as a
Paperback Book and Kindle Download.
Simple 4 Step Sales Process

Do you struggle with sharing your passion with others?

Is it difficult to find people who are interested in what you sell?

Do you want to feel more at ease when you are engaging with a prospect?

Do you find sales systems to be manipulative or disingenuous? 

If you are like me, you answered yes to several of these questions!

I had to figure out a simple and memorable way to cut through all of these issues so I could move my business forward!


I'll show you how to share your passions so your prospects will buy into your mission. Get my FREE, Simple 4 Step Sales Training!


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This MasterMind is an intimate, small group, multi-hour training. It covers many important concepts crucial for any professional to be able to understand and internalize.

It includes understanding your "WHY" and knowing your purpose, creating an effective "I am" statement, creating your story, learning essential skills which are in demand in the workplace and in the broader business environment, practicing tools which allow for increased confidence, creative expression, trust and trusting, and so much more.


Russ personally teaches, coaches and inspires participants with knowledge, wisdom, personal experience, and real-world examples.

The personal connections within the group are valued by the participants long after the event is over.

Contact Russ to learn more or to join the next

MasterMind training.