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Going Boldly-

The Podcast

with Russ The BIG Guy

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Welcome to Going Boldly, the podcast with you in mind!
You are looking for answers to your pressing problems, inspiration to help you stay motivated, and tools and tips that you can exploit to help you get what you want out of each and every day so you can live a happy life.
Well, I'm so glad we found each other!
This podcast highlights real-world examples of entrepreneurs and other professionals who are Going Boldly, following their passions, and living life to the fullest!
Here is a unique part of this podcast-they are regular people just like you and me. Some are rich with money. Some define their success, happiness, and fulfillment differently. They are all at various stages of their journey and are sharing what they are experiencing with you!
I invite you to learn from them, be entertained by them, be inspired by them.
And as always,
Go Boldly and Keep At It! -
-Russ The BIG Guy
People are talking about
Going Boldly-The Podcast

Founder & CEO,

Wendy Glavin Agency,

Creator of #DecodeYourValue

"After meeting Russ on a LinkedIn show, #voiceyourvibe, I was a guest on his podcast. Instead of asking me to provide questions in advance, Russ took the time to do research about what I do and was prepared.

For example, during the pandemic, I created a process called Decode Your Value with a Life Skills Tree that Russ used for us to discuss. During my guest appearance, it felt like I was speaking to a friend, despite the fact that we'd never met.


While doing research on people prior to connecting with them is a no-brainer, often people don't take the time to do it. Instead of focusing on selling products and services, make an emotional connection to build relationships like Russ does.

I look forward to continuing our discussion and creating new opportunities."

wendy glavin 1.jfif

Real Estate Investors, Innovative Solutions for Homeowners, LLC


"Wow, Russ! Your show is so dynamic. We are so grateful we had the opportunity to speak with you!"

Diane Pleuss

The 'Franchise Fitter'

Russ is a delight to talk with!


He is the consummate host and made sure my audio sounded good and I was comfortable and relaxed before we started recording the podcast.


He is fun, engaging, and has a host of life experiences so he can easily relate to just about any situation. With his easy-going banter, he brings out the best in his guests.


He was well prepared and had viewed my website, LinkedIn profile as well as watched some of my videos. Thus, he asked better, more interesting questions.


Russ, The BIG Guy, is so warm and personable, he is someone I definitely want to keep in touch with. It certainly was my honor and pleasure to be on his Going Boldly podcast. Go Russ! 

diane pleuss.jfif
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