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Please contact me so we can talk over some creative ideas for you or your organization. Maybe I can help you with some transformational coaching, small business training/workshops, or finetuning your POWER skills.

Voice or Text, Noon to Midnight, 7 Days.


Below is my contact form and/or your link to the
FREE book, "10 Essential SUPERpowers" in PDF format. (Plus some bonus material too!)
Enter your name and email into the request form with your comment or simply request the free book.

Corona Virus Special!
10 Essential SUPERpowers
(Every Entrepreneur Needs To WIN The Day!)
by Russ The BIG Guy
During this stressful time of uncertainty, many people are needing new tools to be able to navigate daily life in social isolation, and to adapt to new restrictions and challenges in the workplace
I have created an amazing publication filled with knowledge and wisdom. This is time tested information that has benefitted me and many other high performers.
I have distilled it into a concise and easy to understand "workbook" styled PDF that features an activity page after each SUPERpower. 
These pages will help you internalize the information and create action items so you can apply what you have learned immediately. You may embrace all of the SUPERpowers or find that only specific ones resonate with you. 
In whatever combination, I offer this free 10 Essential SUPERpowers book to you in the hopes that the knowledge within will empower you to continue growing in your personal and business life and to conquer the specific challenges you are facing as we all battle this pandemic. 
Go Boldly! Keep At It!
Stay healthy! 
Russ The BIG Guy

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