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FREE for you, as promised!

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Corona Virus Special!

During this stressful time of uncertainty,

many people are needing new tools to be able to

  • navigate daily life in social isolation 

  • adapt to new restrictions and challenges in the workplace


I am offering this free "workbook" to you in the hopes that the knowledge within will fill you with the SUPERpowers needed to continue growing in your personal and business life and to conquer the challenges facing us all as we battle this pandemic. 


Go Boldly! Keep At It!

Stay healthy! 

Russ The BIG Guy


Below is your FREE book, "10 Essential SUPERpowers Fast Acting Survival Guide, Coronavirus Edition" in PDF format. (Plus some bonus material below that.)

Find your "WHY!" Excerpt from the book, "10 Essential SUPERpowers."

A Simple and Memorable 4 Step Sales Process

Worksheet for recording observations during the

Improv SKILLS-shop




Get the


Master Class on your computer or mobile device.

It is for the serious entrepreneur looking to quickly obtain knowledge and wisdom, to WIN, in hours rather than months or years!

It includes:

  • 10 Essential SUPERpowers Fast Action Survival Guide including activity pages.

  • 10 Essential SUPERpowers video seminar. 4 parts.

  • Simple 4 Step Sales Process video seminar. 3 parts plus a bonus video.

  • Simple 4 Step Sales Process PDF document

  • Improv Skills-Shop Whiteboard Video, Agzeit workshop video, workshop photos

  • Visualization Whiteboard Video

  • Fulfillment Whiteboard Video

  • Creative Problem Solving Whiteboard Video

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