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Entrepreneurs seeking inspiration

Learn the Visual Transformation, to Unleash your SUPERpowers! 

Go find the answer. Go inspire to be great. Go Boldly!


Power Up your business, career, or life by employing these 10 Essential SUPERpowers-an entrepreneur's POWER skills! They allow you to share your passions, make more sales, and influence more people.

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GOING BOLDY Results in a better understanding of these:

Creativity & Innovation

Confidence & 

Interpersonal skills


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Entrepreneur's Master Class

This is an evergreen webinar filled with videotaped seminars the 10 Essential SUPERpowers book whiteboard videos and much more.

"I wanted to level-up my teams with the means to improve communications and instill a culture of ideation. It was fun, fast-paced, and we achieved our goals as it helped us establish new norms for working together while improving our innovation and creative edge.

~ Jim Dutcher

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